Klipsch Install Stories: the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) turned to RaceTrack Engineering

Outfitting a giant track like the one at IMS, even if it’s only part of it, is a monumental task. The logistics of it all can be downright daunting.

“When you are dealing with a facility as complex as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, vendor relationships and customer service are critical to our success,” Dusick said. “Klipsch’s reputation for customer service, combined with their Hoosier roots makes this a obvious partnership.”

To help celebrate this occasion, and as part of “Project 100,” the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) turned to RaceTrack Engineering to upgrade the sound at various key points around the track.This year marks the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, which is known as “greatest spectacle in racing.”

The Klipsch solution was the perfect fit for these unique needs.”Dave Dusick of RaceTrack Engineering said, “The audio needs for the Project 100 renovation at IMS are unique because this a high profile seating area that requires high quality audio that is difficult to find.


IMS CP-6T 1 social

A grand total of 424 Klipsch speakers were tasked for the job at IMS. The speakers were installed in the Paddock Penthouse, as well as the Hulman Terrace Club Suites.

IMS CA-800T 3 social

One of two models used in this large installation is the CA-800T speaker. This all-weather speaker is ideal for foreground or background audio in an indoor or outdoor environment. This compact full-range 70-volt speaker is extremely versatile, which is why you can find this speaker both inside the hospitality area at IMS, as well as up in the rafters in the seating area.

IMS CP-6T 3 social

The other speaker used at IMS is the similarly versatile CP-6T speaker. Like the CA-800-T, the CP-6T employs Klipsch’s Proprietary Tractrix® Horn technology allowing for highly efficient, low-distortion announcing as well as musical sound. The CP-6T’s integrated bracket and its ability to be tightly mounted into a corner with its V-shaped rear profile made it an ideal fit for the IMS install.

Of course, beyond the granular minutia of the install, it is simply an honor both for Klipsch and RaceTrack Engineering to be a part of an event that is so dearly revered by so many fellow Hoosiers.

Dusick said, “It’s an honor to be part of something as magnificent as the Indianapolis 500 on an annual basis. Obviously, this year is even more spectacular than the rest. To know that we are contributing to the fan experience for the largest single day sporting event that our generation has ever and will ever see is more than just an honor; it is literally the thrill of a lifetime.”

Gentlemen, start your engines. It’s time for great sound.

IMS CA-800T 1 social

IMS CA-800T 5 social

IMS CA-800T 6 social

IMS CP-6T 2 social

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