My favorite audio stand: The beautiful and affordable Sanus AFA Accurate

Every stand I have seen in a furniture store is a piece of furniture first and a functional equipment holder second. A good audio stand is open on the back, which can allow for adequate cooling and to provide access to make and change connections.

But the best audio furniture, from companies like BDI and Salamander Designs, tends to be very expensive… nosebleed-inducing expensive, actually. Fortunately, there is a great audio rack available for under $130: the Sanus AFA Accurate Stand.

The AFA Accurate looks great, assembles in minutes without tools, is very sturdy.  I’ve been using one in my main audio system for years and have always been very pleased with it.  The picture above is from Jan H.’s system, waiting for her new Pro-ject The Classic turntable to be delivered.  Jan is a Sound Advice reader in my home town of Pittsburgh who hired me as a consultant to build a system for her.  (You will be reading about her system and the setup process in a future post.) Jan ordered the stand upon my recommendation and once she saw it holding her equipment for the first time, she raved about it.  What she didn’t appreciate is how much easier it makes to set up and make changes to a sound system (because I did all the work, of course!)

The Sanus AFA Accurate is a real piece of audio furniture, not something designed as an afterthought by a company that makes couches and end tables. For only $130 it is one of the best buys you can make.