Aperion Audio Verus Forte Satellite Speaker Reviewed

Aperion_Audio_Verus_Forte_satellite_speaker_review.gifThe consumer electronics universe has gone from the bigger the better to an iPod. HDTVs are larger but thinner, components do more with less and speakers have gone from our floors to our walls. But what if you’re not quite ready to go in- or on-wall with your loudspeakers or don’t want to sacrifice valuable square footage for large, floorstanding loudspeakers? One speaker you may want to consider is Aperion Audio‘s Verus Forte Satellite loudspeaker, reviewed here.

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At $175 each the Verus Forte Satellite is the smallest of the Verus Forte family of loudspeakers. Measuring nine inches tall by five inches wide and nearly six inches deep, the Verus Forte Satellite is extremely compact and at six and a half pounds it’s far from back breaking. The Verus Forte Satellite appears to be a single driver loudspeaker; however on closer inspection you’ll see that it’s actually a two way design featuring a four and a quarter inch bass/midrange driver with an integrated ASR Tweeter. The Verus Forte Satellite has a reported frequency response of 80-20,000Hz with an impedance of six Ohms for an overall sensitivity of 85dB – not SET friendly but efficient enough for today’s modern home theater receivers and/or integrated amplifiers.

The Verus Forte Satellite comes in two finishes; high gloss black and high gloss cherry and features an acoustically transparent magnetic grill. The Verus Forte Satellite has a single pair of five-way binding posts, which can accept a wide range of speaker cables from bare wire to spade lugs. All Aperion Audio loudspeakers come with a risk free, 30-day in-home trial period that comes complete with a money back guarantee and free shipping to the lower 48 states and Canada.

In terms of performance, the Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers excel as surrounds when paired with their larger siblings but it’s their two-channel performance that is surprising. Now I’m not going to lie and say the Verus Forte Satellites trick you into thinking they’re larger or that they do battle with speakers costing 10 times as much, for they don’t. However, within their limits and in smaller rooms as stereo mains or the main attraction of a five speaker home theater, the Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers are quite good. What amazed me was their coherence for the Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers sound more like a single, point source loudspeaker than I was expecting, given its price tag. Within its limits, the Verus Forte Satellites possess surprising dynamics and scale and produce a soundstage that is nice in its depth as well as width. The Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers disappear aurally from the soundstage too, which is to be expected; however few affordable compact monitors actually manage to pull it off. If I were an apartment dweller or a homeowner looking to add a pair of loudspeakers to a guest bedroom, office or den system, I’d take a good look at the Verus Forte Satellites.

Read about the high points and the low points about the Verus Forte satellite speaker.

Aperion_Audio_Verus_Forte_satellite_speaker_review_with_grille.gifHigh Points
• The Verus Forte Satellite loudspeaker is about as compact as they come though the sound they produce is anything but.
• The Verus Forte Satellite’s fit and finish is equal in quality to
that of its costlier siblings, not an easy feat considering a pair only
costs $350.
• In smaller rooms or for those not looking to rattle their walls the
Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers are more than capable of serving as
left and right stereo mains.
• The Verus Forte Satellite’s coherence is surprising, not to mention
addicting – one that makes for an intimate performance that is smooth
and non-fatiguing.
• The Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers cast a respectable soundstage and possess solid dynamics despite their compact size.

Low Points
• For true full range sound you’ll want to add a subwoofer or two to the Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers.
• You’ll have to invest in a pair of stands or wall brackets in order
to get the most out of the Verus Forte Satellite speakers – obviously,
mounting them on stands will yield a superior soundstage; however using
wall brackets takes up less floor space.
• If your room is on the larger side, I recommend stepping up the Verus
Forte line and leaving the Verus Forte Satellites for side or rear
channel duty only.

Competition and Comparisons
A few loudspeakers in the same class as the Verus Forte Satellite in terms of price and performance include Paradigm’s Atom loudspeaker, Magnepan’s MMGW and MartinLogan’s Motion loudspeakers,
all of which are compact, affordable, two-way designs (minus the MMGW)
that can serve as surround loudspeakers as well as stereo mains.

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It’s hard to fault a speaker that sells direct for $350 a pair and
looks and sounds as good as the Verus Forte Satellite loudspeaker does.
Sure they don’t have subterranean bass nor do they possess
earth-shattering dynamics but as surround sound speakers, they’re
phenomenal and even as stereo mains in smaller rooms they’ll impress –
especially when it comes to vocals. Plus, when you consider you get a
30-day, risk free trial to see if they’re you’re cup of tea, there
isn’t much risk in deciding if the Verus Forte Satellite loudspeakers
are right for you.

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