Da-Lite Tensioned Dual Masking Electrol Screen Reviewed

dalite_dual_masking.gifIf you are rocking the latest 1080p digital projector technology in a system that is playing 16:9 high-definition sports broadcasts, 2.35:1 movies and legacy 4:3 content, you should consider the concept of using an electric masking screen. Electric masking screens allow for the consumer to get the most out of source material by cutting off black bars at the top and bottom or on the side of the image, thereby improving perceived contrast ratio and picture quality. The Dual Masking Electrol screen from Da-Lite offers this very feature, allowing masking to drop on either side of the image when viewing 4:3 material, as well as masking on top and bottom for 2:35 material when using a native 16:9 screen. It’s a lot like getting three screens in one, only the Da-Lite offering is far more affordable than the competition sharing the same features.

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High Points
• The dual electric masking system makes the Da-Lite Tensioned Dual Masking screen one of the more versatile options on the market today.
• It can be ordered in a variety of surfaces and finishes, making it very décor- and projector-friendly.
• The electric motor is virtually silent and fast in responding to remote commands.

Low Points
• If you watch primarily one type of film or use HD source material exclusively, having masking for 4:3 material may be a waste of money, but Da-Lite offers an auto-masking screen for 16:9 to 2:35 as well.

With a relatively low buy-in, compared to the similarly-equipped competition, the Tensioned Dual Masking Electrol Screen from Da-Lite is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the most from your projection system, regardless of your viewing tastes and source material. Available in nearly every screen surface and finish, the Da-Lite is more consumer- and décor-friendly than most and represents a huge value in the home theater marketplace.