Definitive Technology UIW 75 In-Wall Speaker Reviewed


One of the primary functions of a first-rate in-wall speaker is its ability to disperse superb high-end audio to every part of the room, no matter where the speaker itself is placed. The design team at Definitive Technology knows just how important this design element is, and the UIW 75 in-wall speaker was built to deliver a broad spectrum of sound to any room it is installed in.

This $399 speaker ($798 per pair) was designed with the discerning home theater enthusiast in mind, not only as an in-wall speaker that can be easily installed, but also as an LCR (Left, Center, Right) speaker that can replicate any movie’s soundtrack, sound effects and dialogue sequences with aplomb. The UIW 75 uses two six-inch high-definition bass/midrange drivers in this speaker’s design that drastically increases the overall low-end audio quality that most home theater purists love so much.
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The weight of the UIW 75 is about eight pounds, and this in-wall speaker features a one-inch pure aluminum dome tweeter for sending clear and clean high-end audio to the soundstage at all times. High-frequency equalization is made possible with the Linkwitz-Riley crossover network integrated into the speaker system’s inner circuitry. This speaker’s reported frequency response is 26 Hz- 30kHz and the non-resonant cast baskets that are an integral design element of the UIW 75 help substantially with sustaining more pure low-end audio once these speakers are powered up.

The speaker features one pair of five binding posts and comes with precision templates for extremely easy home installation purposes. This is a very modern-looking speaker and serves quite well as an in-wall speaker that will be primarily used in a home theater audio configuration since it can also be well hidden within most home theaters without much trouble at all.

High Points
• The UIW 75 does a remarkable job of dispersing a wide range of audio, including immaculate high-end.
• This in-wall speaker is much more easily installed than your average
in-wall speaker, due to its size, weight and superb templates and how-to
• The pure aluminum dome tweeter creates a clean mid-range and
high-range audio signal that surpasses many other in-wall speakers in
the same price range or even higher.
• This speaker did such a great job delivering dynamic low-end to the
listening area that a subwoofer was not even needed during a recent
demonstration of the UIW 75 in a modest sized room.

Low Points
• This speaker matched other Definitive Technology speakers very well,
but I would not recommend that the UIW 75 be matched up with most other
speakers, to keep an overall uniformity of sound.
• Even though the UIW 75 is sleek in its design, it’s not as “hidden”
compared to some newer, shallower, in-wall speakers like Definitive’s
own DI Series of in-wall speakers.

Since finding the “perfect” in-wall speaker can be nearly impossible,
Definitive Technology recently entered the lower-end price range of the
speaker marketplace and has delivered a quality speaker that should do
well with the average home theater fanatic who is looking to upgrade
their current in-wall speaker configuration.

The designers at Definitive Technology have definitely succeeded in
creating an in-wall speaker that consistently out-performs other
speakers in the same price range while also incorporating highly
structured and efficient inner circuitry contained within the UIW 75.

Overall, these speakers will work perfectly well for medium sized and
larger sized home theater rooms that need to be filled with clear and
concise surround-sound audio for true movie-watching enjoyment.
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