Home Theater Review’s Best of 2012 Awards

HTR-BEST_OF-2012-LOGO-SALL.jpgThis year was a good year for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike -especially if you were on a budget, which, let’s face it, who isn’t these days? We thought we’d mix things up a bit with this year’s Best Of Awards by not breaking the various products we found to be exemplary down by category; instead we thought we’d just give ’em to you straight up. After all a great product is a great product, regardless of its target market or category. So, without further adieu, here are the products we thought were the very best the audiophile and home theater manufacturers had to offer in 2012. Enjoy.

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JRiver-Media-Center-Review-coverflow.jpgJRiver Media Center Software/Application – $50
Microsoft’s Media Center PC may not be an entirely fresh concept, especially given the proliferation of iTunes, but it’s far from dead. Thanks to a dedicated online community Media Center PC is alive and well, and among the best iterations available to consumers is JRiver. This $50 program does a lot more than just “skin” your music and movie collection; it packs features that both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts crave, such as audio/video upscaling, parametric EQ and so much more. Plus, it is virtually future proof in terms of AV formats and unlike its Apple counterpart it is truly HD compatible. For those looking to get off the source component rollercoaster or have their very own K-Scape like system on a budget, look no further than JRiver.

Western-Digital-WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Player-review-large-keyart.jpgWestern Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player – $100
If you’d like to add streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and Pandora to your existing HT system, there’s no shortage of inexpensive standalone players from which to choose. In our opinion, Western Digital’s WD TV Live currently offers the best features for the money, combining an excellent assortment of Web-based services with the ability to stream a wide range of media files from your home computer or DLNA server. The box is compatible with TVs old and new, and it even offers a cool SlingPlayer app to stream live TV.

Bowers_Wilkins_P3_headphone_folded_large.jpgBowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones – $199
Bowers & Wilkins first treated us to their flagship P5 headphones, then came the C5 in-ears and now we have the new P3, which may just be their best yet. More affordable than the P5s and just as aurally pleasing, the P3s manage to be both utilitarian and stylish thanks to their collapsible design and high-end looking materials. For the audiophile or headphone enthusiast on the go few do it better right now than Bowers & Wilkins. 
Oppo Digital BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player – $499The BDP-103 is the follow up to Oppo’s already award winning stable of universal disc spinners that include last year’s winners, the BDP-93/95.  Building upon their success, the 103 ads UltraHD upscaling via its new Marvell chip as well as added benefits such as HDMI inputs allow consumers to connect their other, HDMI equipped source components into the 103 in order to benefit from its wonderful internal video processing.  Mate it directly to a multi-channel amp and watch as the 103 kicks your AV preamp to the curb, serving as the quintessential centerpiece to today’s modern (and progressive) home theater setup – and all for less than $500 direct.
Outlaw Audio Model 975 7.1 AV Preamp – $549Outlaw Audio many have hit a few snaps trying to bring their Model 997 AV preamp to market but as Andrew Robinson found out, the light at the end of the tunnel proved well worth the wait – and possibly the turmoil.  While the Model 997 was aimed at the more reference level enthusiasts, the Model 975 hits the value for dollar hot button in ways no other AV preamp has before.  But don’t think that this affordable beauty isn’t capable of some rather herculean feats; in fact, Robinson found it to have more in common – sonically – with heavy weights from Harman and Meridian than amongst its own peers that would include AV receivers and other Internet direct companies such as Emotiva.  Regardless, the sheer level of performance and value made giving the Model 975 one of our coveted Product of the Year awards a no brainer.

Paradigm-Shift-A2-bookshelf-speaker-review-large-keyart.jpgParadigm Shift A2 Bookshelf Loudspeaker – $559/pair
Paradigm’s new Shift series of components are exactly that; a paradigm shift, in that they’re aimed at a new breed of enthusiast, one who values performance, portability and simplicity. On all three levels the A2 bookshelf speakers succeed. These powered monitors sound as good connected to a laptop or portable music device as they do directly to a preamp in an intimate two channel setup. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Thanks to their rather ingenious input and connection options you can even use them in a home theater setup, thus negating the need for bulky, or expensive amplifiers -an AV preamp is all that is required. You can even daisy chain multiple A2s together to cut down on cable clutter. Add in a variety of custom paint schemes and you’ve got the makings for one of this year’s most surprising and well-rounded loudspeakers we tested.

Dune-HD-Max-large.jpgDune HD Max Blu-ray Player/Media Streamer – $599
The Dune HD Max is truly one of this year’s biggest surprises for it proved to be among the more truly universal, universal players available today. Unlike other universal players, the Dune HD Max is both a disc spinner as well as a network attached media streamer. Before you get upset, because your Oppo or other disc spinner can also connect to your network or Internet, consider this; you can customize the Dune’s interface using third party software and/or downloads allowing you to use it as a front end to a whole home K-Scape like system. Pair it with a two channel amp or powered speakers and the Dune HD Max is all you need in order to enjoy a 2.1 home theater setup thanks to its digital volume control. It supports all the major (and not so major) formats including ISO (something Oppo did away with this year) and when used as a transport its AV performance is on par with the best.

Sanus_Component_Series_Rack_Review_CFR2136_large.jpgSanus Component Series Racks – Starting at $599
Sanus’ newly revamped Component Series AV equipment racks may look like just another industrial, Middle Atlantic knock off, but I assure you there is more to the story. With the addition of Sanus’ new EcoSystem, a collection of rack accessories aimed at keeping your cables organized and your system cool, the Component Series ventures into territory few others can match -especially for the price. These racks come in a variety of sizes and are nicely appointed with hardware and shelving right out of the box; expect to pay a la carte with competitors.

Episode-ES-SUB-12-300-MB-subwoofer-large.jpgEpisode ES-SUB-12-300-MB Powered Subwoofer -$649
While Episode Speakers may not be as well known as Paradigm or Bowers & Wilkins that shouldn’t stop any of you from seeking them out. We spent a lot of time with a number of their products this year and while many of them were fantastic one that stood out was their large, 12-inch, powered subwoofer – the ES-SUB-12-300-MB. This affordable giant killer more than held its own against Managing Editor, Andrew Robinson’s reference subwoofers -last year’s Best Of recipient JL Audio Fathom f110 at $2,100. 
Vizio E601i-A3/E701i-A3 LED HDTVs – $999/$1,999Vizio waited until the holiday season to unleash what is arguably their best HDTVs to date. Vizio’s new E-Series HDTVs pack near class leading picture quality in an elegantly designed, minimalistic frame, and all for a cost that simply begs belief.  While they may lack features such as 3D and calibration controls like CMS, both the 60 and 70-inch E-Series displays got Managing Editor, Andrew Robinson’s vote for our annual product of the year award.  Robinson went on later to explain that he thought they (the E-Series) were the most impressive HDTVs he’d seen and reviewed all year.  Word is he kept the 70-inch for himself. 

Wharfedale_Jade_1_bookshelf_speaker_large.jpgWharfedale Jade 1 Bookshelf Loudspeakers – $1,199/pair
These fine monitor speakers from England’s oldest loudspeaker company, Wharfedale, came out of nowhere this year and surprised many in the press including our own Managing Editor. The Jade 1 represents the entry point to the Jade lineup of products, though despite their modest price tag they are true, high-end contenders. Their beautiful construction and smooth, uncolored sound are bound to make the Jade 1 an instant classic all over the world.

Napa-Acoustic-MT-34-tube-amplifier-large.jpgNapa Acoustic MT-34 Integrated Amplifier -$1,199
While the MT-34 from little known upstart, Napa Acoustic, may not be a bespoke piece of audiophile jewelry in the way say Audio Research or McIntosh is, it more than makes up for it in performance -not to mention ease of use. For those who love tubes (who doesn’t) but don’t want to endure all the fuss associated with them the Napa Acoustic MT-34 integrated amplifier is a fine, affordable solution. It’s build quality is surprisingly robust and its sound, well, will surprise you. We mated it with the Wharfedale Jade 1 bookshelf speakers and found it to be arguably all the high-end sound any budding audiophile would need. At least to get started.

Cambrige-Audio-Azur-751BD-Blu-ray-Player-large.jpgCambridge Audio AZUR 751BD Player – $1,249
We didn’t review a lot of universal players this year because it’s hard to compete with the winner of this year’s Best Of honors, the Cambridge Audio AZUR 751BD player. While it may share some DNA with last year’s winner, the Oppo BDP-95, the AZUR 751BD is unique in its own right, possessing a more audiophile sound than its Oppo counterpart; a sound that Managing Editor, Andrew Robinson preferred. With its copious features, excellent audio and video performance and quality construction inside and out, it’s clear why the AZUR 751BD player from Cambridge Audio made this year’s Best Of Awards list.

MartinLogan-Motion-Vision-soundbar-review-large-keyart.jpgMartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar -$1,495
2012 was the year of the soundbar and here at Home Theater Review we reviewed a number of them, but the one that most struck a chord with us was the MartinLogan Motion Vision. This stylish, powered, all-in-one virtual surround solution managed to sound more like a discrete loudspeaker setup than any soundbar we’ve heard to date. Throw in its ability to incorporate a subwoofer (or two) and you’ve got an affordable, well rounded home theater solution for those tight on money or space.

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Wyred-4-Sound-DAC-2-review-large-keyart.jpgWyred 4 Sound DAC-2 Digital to Analog Converter – $1,499
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 proved to be not only an exemplary digital to
analog converter but a high-end, albeit digital, audiophile preamp too.
Managing Editor Andrew Robinson was so taken back by the DAC-2’s
performance that he felt it more ideal than traditional preamps and one
better suited to today’s digital culture. The DAC-2’s ease of use,
neutral sound and high value made it a no brainer for us, which is why
it has made our best of list. 
Wyred 4 Sound mINT Integrated Amplifier – $1,499The mINT came to us late in the year just sneaking in and are we glad it did.  This tiny but full-featured integrated amp from Wyred 4 Sound, not only packs a rack’s worth of features into a small, unassuming box but provides ample power to drive most any loudspeaker – and drive them as well as Andrew Robinson found out. Playing out like a greatest hits collection of Wyred 4 Sound’s finest works – including the renowned DAC-2 – the mINT is arguably all the two channel system any audiophile needs. Simply add your favorite pair of speakers and a source or two and you’re done. Make that source an Oppo or Dune player and one could argue you’ve got the perfect modern two-channel rig available today.  Not bad for under $1,500.

NAD-T-757-AV-Receiver-Large.jpgNAD T 757 AV Receiver – $1,599
the NAD T 757 may not do everything many modern receivers do, it more
than makes up for it with soul. In the NAD tradition, the T 757 AV
receiver proved to be among the better sounding AV receivers we’ve ever
tested for both music and movies. Plus, the T 757’s lack of ‘bloatware’,
ease of setup and use make it ideal for those who just want to get on
with the show. For those looking to simplify their two channel and home
theater systems without having to sacrifice sound quality the NAD T 757
is waiting.

Panasonic-TC-P55ST50-plasma-HDTV-large.jpgPanasonic TC-P55ST50 Plasma HDTV – $1,699
is known for making some of the industry’s best HDTV displays and when
it comes to their plasma based offerings few, if any, do it better. With
the release of the TC-P55ST50 55-inch plasma HDTV, that storied
Panasonic quality just became more affordable. Video Editor Adrienne
Maxwell loved the ST50’s updated styling and picture quality, especially
for the price–stating, “…Panasonic has set the bar high in 2012 with
the TC-P55ST50.”

Tekton-Design-Pendragon-floorstading-speaker-review-large-keyart.jpgTekton Design Pendragon Loudspeaker -$2,499/pair
Design, a little known, Internet direct brand out of Utah, rocked the
audiophile and home theater world this year with the introduction of
their new, flagship loudspeaker -the Pendragon. These large
floorstanding speakers are hand-made in America, use professionally
sourced drivers and can be finished to the same exacting standards as
another, well-known, high-end Utah brand. What makes the Pendragons even
better is their sound, which our Managing Editor compared against
venerable heavyweights such as Wilson Audio’s MAXX 3 and Wisdom Audio’s
LS4 on-walls. For true, full-range, high end sound there may not be a
better value in all of hi-fi right now than the Pendragon.

Sony-VPL-HW30AES-projector-large.jpgSony VPL-HW30AES SXRD Front Projector – $3,999
those who are assembling a front-projection system on a smaller budget,
the VPL-HW30AES earns our vote as the best all-around projector we’ve
reviewed in the sub-$5,000 space. It has a lot of setup flexibility for
the money, and it strikes a great balance between black level and light
output to deftly reproduce 2D and 3D content. The HW30AES package
includes the 3D transmitter and two pairs of active glasses; other
features include 1.6x zoom, horizontal/vertical lens shifting, and 240Hz

Sunbrite-4610HD-LCD-HDTV-large.jpgSunbrite Model 4610HD Outdoor HDTV – $4,295
some of us here are still not entirely sold on the idea of outdoor
viewing, no one in our offices could argue with the results achieved
when testing the Sunbrite Model 4610HD. The Sunbrite Model 4610HD was so
tough and impervious to the elements that we had to go to extremes in
order to try and break it -extremes that included lighting it on fire,
feeding it to a bear and even shooting it with a variety of high powered
riffles. Believe it or not the display withstood all that punishment
and then some; coming up short only when struck with multiple rounds
from an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Don’t shoot it with an AR-15 and the
Sunbrite Model 4610HD should last a lifetime.

Classe-CP-800-stereo-preamp-review-large-keyart.jpgClasse CP-800 Stereo Preamp -$5,000
monster two channel preamp from Classe boasts a feature set more akin to
an AV receiver and yet it’s a strictly two-channel product. The CP-800’s
almost infinite configurability matched by its neutral and wholly
enjoyable sound quality make it not only one of the best preamps Classe
has ever produced but among the best preamps we’ve ever heard. At $5,000
retail the CP-800 isn’t cheap but as Andrew found out, you’d spend as
much (or more) trying to match its performance and connection options a
la carte, which is why we think it’s a terrific value in the high-end

Pass-Labs-XA30_5-amplifier-large.jpgPass Labs XA30.5 Class A Stereo Amplifier – $5,500
it may not be the most “green” amplifier we’ve ever tested, the Pass
Labs XA30.5 is one of the best sounding. Why? The XA30.5 is 100-percent
pure Class A goodness for that rich, organic tube-like sound with none
of the drawbacks or maintenance. Plus, with 30-Watts of power on tap the
XA30.5 can power most modern loudspeakers to satisfying levels with the
utmost precision and quality. That and it’s from Pass Labs, so you know
it’s built to last right here in the good ‘ol US of A.

Legacy_Audio_Signature_SE_Floorstanding_Speaker_review_large_keyart_close-up.jpgLegacy Audio Signature SE – $6,995/pair
Audio is a brand that has been around for a number of years and despite
not producing a new loudspeaker every time the wind blows, when they do
come to market with a new model it’s generally a hit. Reviewer Brian
Kahn found out first hand just how good the all-new Legacy Audio
Signature SEs were when he put them through their paces in his reference
system, comparing them (and favorably) to loudspeakers four to five
times the Legacy’s asking price.

Focal-Diablo-Utopia-bookshelf-speaker-large.jpgFocal Diablo Utopia Bookshelf Loudspeakers – $14,995/pair
nearly fifteen grand for bookshelf speakers may seem like a lot of
money (okay it is) the Focal Diablo Utopias are among the only, if not
the only bookshelf speakers we’ve encountered that manage to run with
their floorstanding counterparts. As publisher Jerry Del Colliano found
out, owning a pair of Diablo Utopia bookshelf speakers was a lot like
having mini Grand Utopia BEs but for a 1/20th of the cost. While we
hesitate to use the word “bargain” when describing a $15,000 pair of
speakers the Diablo Utopias may just be a bargain.

Sim2-M-150-LED-projector-review-large-keyart.jpgSIM2 M.150 LED DLP Front Projector -$27,995
a year when 4K debuted at the consumer level you’d have to imagine that
one of our best projectors of the year would be the Sony VPL-VW1000ES
and not the HD M.150 LED DLP from SIM2 -but that’s what has happened.
While 4K may technically be the “better” technology, the SIM2 M.150
produced the better image, proving (again) that HD isn’t ready to go
quietly into that good night. While the M.150 is expensive, its superb
optics, LED-based light engine and ability to be calibrated to
perfection make it one of the finest projectors Managing Editor Andrew
Robinson has ever laid eyes on.

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