Paradigm PV-150 In-Wall Loudspeakers Reviewed

Paradigm_PV150_inwall_image.gifAt the moment, there may not be a hotter category in all of loudspeakers than in-walls. With the growing number of HDTV sales, consumers are looking to in-wall loudspeakers to round out their modern home theater systems. However, not all in-walls are created equal, and while most will provide a level of stealth, few mate it with true audiophile-grade performance. Paradigm, one of the leaders in loudspeaker design, is out to change that with their PV line of in-wall speakers, specifically the PV-150 reviewed here. Only the PV-150 adds a little extra to the equation by being hugely affordable at $149 per pair.

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The PV-150 is a two-driver, two-way in-wall speaker, utilizing a one-inch silk dome tweeter mated to a five-and-a-half-inch bass/midrange driver. The PV-150 has a reported frequency response of 75Hz-20kHz and is relatively efficient with its 88dB rating into an eight-ohm load.

The PV-150 comes from the factory in a white finish. It can be painted to match any décor, though you’ll want to paint the grilles with a spray nozzle rather than a roller to ensure the sound reaches your listening position. Beyond the unlimited finish options, the PV-150 can be installed into a standard wall cavity between the studs and is easy enough to set in place by even a novice DIYer.

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High Points
• The Paradigm PV-150 offers a startling amount of performance in a small,
compact and affordable package. You’ll be surprised at the level of
refinement and musicality $149 per pair buys you with the PV-150s. 
• The PV-150 has a smooth top end and a rich, natural midrange. 
• The PV-150 is quite dynamic and can play at everything but insane
levels. In terms of soundstaging, the PV-150 doesn’t disappoint, though
the front to back performance isn’t as great as the lateral. However, if
you mount them with the tweeters at or near ear level, their imaging is
• The PV-150s are among the easiest in-wall loudspeakers to install and
can be set up and enjoyed in as little as thirty minutes, provided you
have the simple required tools on hand, such as a manual drywall saw and

Low Points
• Due to their less than 90dB efficiency, the PV-150s require a capable
receiver and/or integrated amp to come to life. Most modern receivers
costing upwards of $500 but less than $1,000 should do nicely, though if
you can and are willing to spend more, the PV-150s will reward you in
• Because of their compact size and small driver complement, the PV-150s
require a sub to sound full-range. Happily, Paradigm now makes a line
of in-wall subwoofers that mate nicely with the PV-150s.
• The PV-150 is a great entry level in-wall loudspeaker and may be all
you need in small to medium-sized rooms, though if you’re willing to
spend a bit more and step up in the Paradigm in-wall line, you will hear
the benefits. For ambient listening or as part of a whole house music
system, the PV-150s are spot on.

If you’ve been longing for in-walls speakers for a secondary system or
to round out a whole home automation system, but don’t want to lose your
shirt in the process, the PV-150s from Paradigm are tailor-made for
you. If you’re looking for affordable in-walls to complement your new
HDTV, the PV-150s are more than up to the task, for no matter how you
slice it, the performance they provide for the money may be without
equal. While you can best them by spending more, if your budget is
tight, the PV-150s may be all the in-wall speakers you need.

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