Stewart Filmscreen ElectriScope Video Projection Screen Reviewed

stewart_electriscope.jpgWhen looking for a variable masking electric screen that mates world-class video performance with a sleek, silent design, there is only one solution: Stewart Filmscreen‘s ElectriScope line of front-projection screens. The ElectriScope features a variable vertical and horizontal masking system (motorized, of course) that can tailor your screen to 4:3, 16:9 and 2:35 content on the fly via remote or programmed macros through your high-end control system. The ElectriScope is designed to be ceiling-mounted, for it is a drop-down design that can be recessed in a ceiling or wall-mounted via optional brackets, depending on what your system and installation needs are.

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High Points
The ElectriScope screen is like having three screens in one, which is a huge benefit and value for your money. It is whisper-silent. Masking changes happen within seconds, which means you’re always ready to enjoy your content in its native form. The fact that the ElecctriScope can be programmed to make masking adjustments automatically is but icing on the cake for diehard video enthusiasts. ElectriScope screens can be ordered in a variety screen sizes and finishes, including Stewart’s own Microperf, which comes in handy for users with in-wall or on-wall speakers in their home theaters. Even the masking elements of the ElectriScope screen can ordered to be acoustically transparent, ensuring not only the best video performance but excellent audio as well.

Low Points
If wall-mounting is a must, the ElectriScope screen doesn’t come furnished with the necessary wall brackets. This is kind of a pain, but a little homework beforehand should alleviate any installation frustration. Also, since it’s a motorized screen, you’ll have to be aware of where to route power, which may require the assistance of a custom installer or, at the very least, an electrician.

I’m a huge supporter of motorized drop-down screens. For years, they’ve been the centerpieces of my home theater experience. However, I’ve grown tired of useless black bars on 2:35 and/or 4:3 material that rob my image of valuable contrast. The ElectriScope screen from Stewart solves a very real problem in a simple and automated way that only serves to enhance my overall enjoyment of my content and system performance. For the true home theater enthusiast, I can’t think of nor recommend a better screen.