How to use Fire Stick to set up Amazon TV

You are super excited! You just Purchased the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Control. You have heard of all the wonderful channels you are able to stream and all the cool features of possessing this particular device. There is just 1 teeny, tiny problem. You are as tech savvy as your beloved Nana trying to place airtime on her telephone using the battery charging cable. How to proceed? No fears when the Gadget Shop is near. Whether you are a newcomer or been about the tech block, our easy set-up guide can help you set up in no time.
But , what is in the Box?
You will find the following items when opening your Amazon Fire Stick TV with Alexa Voice Control:
1 x Amazon Fire TV stick
1 x Alexa Voice Remote
Only pop the batteries into the rear of the distant and shut. The Power Adapter is used to give power to your Alexa Fire Stick. It won’t work without it being plugged in at a wall socket. The HDMI Extender is used to affix the Fire TV stick to a TV if you want to use it and believe the Fire TV stick loses connectivity on your TV and isn’t secure and a little”wobbly” or too short to attain the power outlet.
The best way to set up amazon television


The first step to using Amazon’s services is to create an account. You will need to begin with visiting, selecting the’My Account’ menu in the top right of the page and visiting the’Start Here’ link. Next, you’ll need to enter your own personal information, including your email address. You’ll also be asked to make a password to guarantee the safety of your accounts. It’s your choice though to open a standard account or prime account. The cost is 99 USD per year for an Amazon Prime Account.
Simply plug in your Amazon Fire TV Stick in your TV using the Port, connect the Power Saver and cable to the TV stick and switch on. You are now ready to connect your Apparatus
Step 3 — Connect
When your TV Stick is plugged in and turned on simply connect it to a internet via the cable or Wi-Fi. Select your internet connection from the screen, enter your password and wait for updates to be assessed. This may be a lengthy process depending upon the speed of your internet connection so please be patient. In case you have an Amazon account it must automatically display your account on the display to continue. Press continue and also the debut video will begin playing on your screen.
What do you get?
So once you are connected what exactly would you get? You can save videos and photos of up to 5GB for Free on Amazon Cloud. In addition you have access to some enjoyable and enjoyable games. The Amazon Fire Game controller can be purchased and used to play with the games or you’ll be able to play the games using your Fire Stick TV remote control. The Amazon Fire TV stick allows you to download a Range of Programs like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant. Amazon Prime Video is supported in South Africa with the right account. HBO isn’t available but Programs such as Red Bull TV, Facebook and TED are supported. However as of 1 January 2018 YouTube won’t be supported . The majority of these solutions are only available through subscription but you will find a lot of free features out there. For the local fans DSTV is supported with Amazon Fire TV Stick and also you can watch your favourite DSTV channel.
Amazon fire tv stick with alexa voice controller
In terms of music Spotify has just launched in South Africa and is arguably among the world’s hottest music streaming solutions. If you want to access more channels you will be able to do so through Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio to list a couple. You can ask Alexa to find local radio stations and if Alexa can not find it for whatever reason you can find it on your mobile program and play via your TV.
Alexa is the search engine that pushes the searches on Amazon. An update on the Alexa site performed in February 2018 allows you to select a South African primary city to the dropdown menu that helps tremendously with local weather predictions and time zone settings. However, only principal cities have been supported: Cape Town, Johannesburg.
American channels like HBO and American sporting channels you need to generate some technical settings and changes to your device. Regrettably ordering from Pizza Hut and Dominos isn’t encouraged in South Africa however but we’re keeping our eyes wide open for if this happens and will let you guys know once it’s a supported portalsite. Good news is that Uber does operate in South Africa but once again in a restricted capacity. Uber Eats is maybe worth a try. Together with the Alexa voice command you can easily ask to watch the most recent breaking news, play your favourite movie or say”Alexa play a few hip-hop” Your wish is her command.
Connecting your Amazon Fire TV Stick for your Mobile Device
You cannot download the Amazon Program from the App Store on Mobile Devices as South Africa is an unsupported country for your Amazon App. But don’t worry. It’s still possible to get into the program. You’ll have to go directly to the Amazon site and download the program from there. Just type in Amazon App APK into your browser to find it. Click the link and proceed to download. As soon as you’ve the app downloaded on your phone you can connect your phone to your new Smart TV. Simply click on”search for apparatus” once the program is open and functioning on your telephone and locate Amazon Fire TV stick. Press connect and voila — you are prepared to go. An app can also be downloaded to use your cellular phone as a remote.
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