Alex Johnson’s Bookshelf For Sale

A number of you might know Johnson’s long-running site of the identical title, which highlights fascinating and special bookcases across the world. Woodenstainless steel, or mix; single shelf or elaborate unit; function or form — this book lays out tens of thousands of alternatives for those folks who are constantly running out of shelf space. The Puckman out of Studio Ginepro, found below, is a whimsical shelf which pays tribute to a few of our favourite childhood activities. It is available in black or white, but who would not choose the yellowish?
The Ready Made from Amsterdam-based Next art is so called as it includes a facade (leather, with gold tooling, no less) of a hundred classic novels that you may gently press and replace with actual books. A cool concept, but maybe best left to your couture audience.
I could not really get on board with all the Library Bath out of Malin Lundmark–it is an idea That’s both so wrong and so right–but I really did enjoy the Book Case out of Makeshift. Basically it is a bag with three shelves inside.

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As for me personally, I obtained a brand new bookshelf for my birthday last weekend. I was interested in something little that would match next to my desk and also hold each the books I am currently working for many distinct jobs. I envisioned a library book truck with design. Everything I got was that this Eiffel revolving bookstand, which can be very perfectly appropriate to this job and fine, too.